To be a leading law firm in Lesotho with professional and competent
staff capable of delivering world class services within the SADC
sub-region and abroad.

The vision anticipates that by 2015 the staff of Naledi Chambers
Incorporated shall be fully conversant with the use of ICT and e-commerce
products in delivering service to the Public Sector, Corporations,
medium and small enterprises (SME’S), organizations, individuals,
and foreign enterprises;


Mission Statement

-To contribute to the growth of the private sector in Lesotho especially small and medium enterprises;
-To play an influential role in the public service and in the development of the country and the SADC sub-region;
-To promote gender equality and the empowerment of the disadvantaged groups in our communities.
-To contribute to the on-going national efforts to fight and harness the spread of HIV/AIDS.


To achieve and uphold the three (3) D’s: Dedication, Diligence and Delivery as well as the three P’s:
Performance, Perfection and Professionalism.

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